Chandni Chowk Street Food – yummmmm!

Chandni Chowk Street Food ! Daulat Ki Chaat   Food makes the world go round and around !- found a video, saving it here for future explorations - want to join in ? Come check out the whatsapp gtoup :     Locations : 1. Lotan ke chole kulche: sits outside shop number 2358/108, chhata shahji, Dharampura road, chawri bazar, Landmark - 200 meters from chandni chowk metro station. Timings Morning to at above place then to outside commercial School Daryaganj. 15th Aug. 2017 Update : Nearest Metro Station is Chawdi Bazar one. From Gurdwara Sisganj it is about 1…
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Smiles !

enjoy being alone……

  This was too good not to to Sunil Anand ..... मैं औऱ मेरी तनहाई, अक्सर ये बाते करते है। ज्यादा पीऊं या कम, व्हिस्की पीऊं या रम। या फिर तोबा कर लूं, कुछ तो अच्छा कर लूं। हर सुबह तोबा हो जाती है, शाम होते होते फिर याद आती है। क्या रखा है जीने में, असल मजा है पीने में। फिर ढक्कन खुल जाता है, फिर नामुराद जिंदगी का मजा आता है। रात गहराती है, मस्ती आती है। कुछ पीता हूं, कुछ छलकाता हूं। कई बार पीते पीते, लुढ़क जाता हूं। फिर वही सुबह, फिर वही सोच। क्या रखा…
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Choose Happiness, Spread Joy, Be a Success !

Plenty of facts and studies prove that : a) Happiness is a Choice ! b) Happy people spread Joy ! and c) Happy people are Successful ! And it takes only ONE to start the ripple effect ! Research proves happiness is the precursor to Success- and NOT the other way around - and in all aspects of life be it healthy, job, relationships- happy people do better, and live longer ! Don't believe me ? OK, have a look at : and to quote from there a bit : " But a review of 225 studies in the Psychological…
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Reality – as per the Wu Li Masters

“Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. what we take to be true is our reality ." — Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters The Dancing Wu Li Masters :Written by Gary Zukav (born October 17, 1942)…
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