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Having this seen yet one more time .. thought let me save this before the FB sinkhole gobbles this up …the truth is very conveniently twisted many times !

A pity really, since I think Dr. Swamy does rather well sometimes… …. he is  the guy mainly responsible for exposing the 2G Scam ( wonder what is the latest there .. perhaps in another post ;- ). But  the focus here is different…

The original post by Dr. Swamy is at :


And I captured a snap too – here it is :

Politicians, Lies and Half Truths !
Politicians, Lies and Half Truths !

And here is the WHOLE story :

This is an allegation already strongly denied. See the link at :


Where it states clearly that :

Lawyers action for Mrs Gandhi described the book as “full of untruths, half-truths, falsehoods, defamatory statements, completely imaginary and invented conversations” and warned she would “take all steps to protect and defend herself and her family.”

She appears to have been most wounded by its claim that she had wanted to leave India, describing it as “this country that devours its children” and had complained about having to learn to speak Hindi. In the book, Moro writes that “Sonia did not understand why she had to learn a language only spoken by the servants.”

So a statement made by SOMEONE ELSE, already DENIED by the person, is YET portrayed as being made by her !! See how the truth has been twisted and served up just to suit one’s own ends ??

And, given the “likes” and discussions on FB it has been accepted without any doubt – just showing also that we only believe what we WANT to believe, verifying the truth be damned !

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