To Get Joy, what else 🙂

Joy is the eternal grail all humans ( and perhaps non-humans too.. )  seek !

The purpose of Get Joy Website is simple – HOW to Get More Joy in Life ?

This is possible, as all say by  : – Sharing Your Joys and Troubles !

This Site is a Platform for above !

A  ”  Work in Progress” and will never finish . ..Life is after all a Journey and never a destination !

Do feel free to post in whatever has given YOU more Joy ( and is Family Friendly ! ) – sharing increases Joy manifold !

And unlike the other ” Sinkholes” your posts will be easily available to you at all times to share , add in, delete – whatever you wish !- does take some learning but if I can do it, so can most 🙂

NOTE : This is a Safe For Work / Family Site. So please post and comment accordingly !

All new users can post immediately but till we get to know each other better their comments/posts will be published only after approval by an Administrator.

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Get Joy and Share It – Here , where else 🙂


Simple :
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