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About Get Joy – to Get Joy, what else 🙂

Joy is the eternal grail all humans ( and perhaps non-humans too.. )  seek !

The purpose of Get Joy Website is simple – HOW to Get More Joy in Life ?

This is possible, as all say by  : – Sharing Your Joys and Troubles !

This Site is a Platform for above !

A  ”  Work in Progress” and will never finish . ..Life is after all a Journey and never a destination !

Do feel free to post in whatever has given YOU more Joy ( and is Family Friendly ! ) – sharing increases Joy manifold !

And unlike the other ” Sinkholes” your posts will be easily available to you at all times to share , add in, delete – whatever you wish !- does take some learning but if we can do it, so can most 🙂

NOTE : This is a Safe For Work / Family Site. So please post and comment accordingly !

All new users can post immediately but till we get to know each other better the posts will be published only after approval by an Administrator.

You can also comment in / participate in Forums where you can create topics of interest to you and invite others to join in not only to enjoy what you have to share but perhaps also to encourage, advise and guide you through troubled times if need be. As the Community grows, you could also invite and form private Groups of your friends.

Posts and Topics here are ( generally ! ) visible to everyone except for ” Private ”  Groups for closed discussions and sharings.

We are also on :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/getjoyhere

Twitter :   https://twitter.com/GetJoyHere

Join  in wherever you like !

That is all for the moment ! Any thoughts and suggestions to share with us ? Use the Contact Us Link !

Get Joy and Share It – Here , where else 🙂


Simple :

  • NO personal information is circulated from this Website to anyone. However, all data that YOU choose to make public remains so !

  • Website may contain links to other websites. We have NO control over their privacy policies !