Bruce Lee Playing Table Tennis 

Really ?

Got a video awhile ago. The  one and only Bruce Lee playing Table Tennis with his it is :

And on the Youtube at :

( many similar floating around..)

That got me interested – maybe something to do with there was a time I was trying to twirl some nanuchucks myself  🙂 I thought the video was pretty neat..

Ah well, turns out like many other stuff, it was   NOT “real” .

Hate to disappoint all you Bruce Lee fans- including myself !

From :

It’s not real.

The video, which has circulated on social media regularly since late 2012, was a promotional spot created in 2008 by Nokia for a limited edition Bruce Lee cell phone. An actor played the part of Bruce Lee.


The award-winning commercial was produced by JWT Shanghai, and was created to look as if it were filmed back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. A Bruce Lee lookalike was used. The three men playing ping pong mimicked the motions of an actual game, but did not actually use a ping pong ball. A “ball” was edited into the film after the fact. At first we see “Lee” beating a single opponent, then taking on two opponents at the same time. There is also video of “Lee” lighting a cigarette – with his nunchaku (“nunchucks”) – as it dangles from another man’s mouth.

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