Plenty of facts and studies prove that :

a) Happiness is a Choice !

b) Happy people spread Joy !


c) Happy people are Successful !

And it takes only ONE to start the ripple effect !

Research proves happiness is the precursor to Success- and NOT the other way around – and in all aspects of life be it healthy, job, relationships- happy people do better, and live longer !

Don’t believe me ? OK, have a look at :

and to quote from there a bit :

” But a review of 225 studies in the Psychological Bulletin found that happiness doesn’t necessarily follow success. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Happiness leads to success.

According to the study’s findings, happy people seek out and undertake new goals that reinforce their happiness and other positive emotions.”

So you want to be happy – be , and spread it to be more so !

A friend sent across this video clip which puts it so well – have a look.

 So how do you get your Joy ? Share in !

Inspire and make others happy too- share to tell them they are in your thoughts !