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For some faith comes naturally. For others it has to be deliberately acquired – delivered by despair, perhaps…

What about you ?

FaithMy friend Jug ( he doesn’t know it, yet :- )  ) tries to put it well…


So why seek this elusive faith that you don’t believe in, that you don’t have faith in, in the first place? 

You only seek faith when in desperation  you are driven to faith by the opposite of faith, which is despair.  Despair is like a bad attack of spiritual sciatica, an unbearably painful condition brought on by an overwhelming sense that not just your particular life, or human life in general, but the working of the universe itself is totally devoid of meaning. Despair can be caused by any number of factors: the devastating loss of a loved one, the post-traumatic stress of a life-threatening experience.

For most, faith is not a gift, it is an act.  An act of will, an act of choice to overcome despair.  Act as if you have faith – try meditation techniques, participate in bhajans, or other spiritual or religious rituals and disciplines – and hope that faith will follow.




Pascal called spiritual faith a gamble, a wager, in which if you lost you lost nothing, because you had nothing to begin with, but if you won, you won infinite riches.

So try the gamble.  Because – as with homeopathy – what have you got to lose?

Nothing but the anguish of despair.

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