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The Secret is Within you !
The Secret is Within you !


Quite an interesting pitch for quite a successful book .. and many spawns , including a movie , seminars etc……. who has read it ? Does/Did it work for you ?

About 24000 likes on youtube presently seem to be finding it worthwhile !

What I understand is , in essence :

  • Whatever you constantly think of, you attract in your life. Apart from Philosophy, even Quantum Physicists seem to be saying similar stuff…you bring your universe into Existence !

  • BUT the Universe doesn’t know ” Good ” or Bad “. So, for example, if you are constantly concerned about possible ” misfortunes” , you increase the probability of them happening !

  • This choice you have to make deliberately – choose positivity and it will happen.

  • Similarly, anything you want, start thinking – and behaving a bit – as you already have it.

  • Stop resisting – what you resist persists.

  • Send clear messages out – for more money for example, start sharing a bit more . For more love, open your heart a bit more, want better relationship at work – compliment someone at work

  • Again, what you constantly “choose”, you attract into your life! The “choice” and “power” to “choose” an alternate, is always ONLY WITH YOU.

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