We are all on our ways …..

A wonderful song, presenting an eternal truth which we all ignore. With a presentation which makes it all the more powerful ! Hope you like it too ! On Our Ways Time always unwinding, all these dead lines in my mind. Seeds and dreams we planted, took for granted, didn't prove. Walking down this road will my pulse beat slow, hope to have you close at hand. When this cycle ends, will it start again, will we recognize old friends?  Here is the  "Official Video" with  a simply GREAT  animation / interpretation by  Ainslie Henderson  :  And James performing the…
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Nostradamus predictions 2014 Elections !

Nostradamus predicts Elections 2014 !   Nostradamus predictions 2014 Elections ! Who doesn't know Nostradamus the great Future Seeing Seer ? Seems like he had something to say for the Indian 2014 elections as well ! Vinay Talwar dug it out and I thought before the Facebook Sinkhole gobbles this up let me immortalize it at a place we can find it FAR more quickly ! So here are some salients : Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus veni grandus est vingtus unus centurus – Congressus oublium est …” The Bharatiya Janata Party will come to dominate India in the 21st century, as…
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What is TRUTH ?

What exactly is “ Truth ” ? How is a “fact ” found, checked, evaluated , declared and defended as such ? Is Truth a function of our Senses ? Or of our Perceptions ? Or is it simply a function of what the “ Majority ” or Authority ( which, in a Democracy, is derived from Majority ) says at any given time ? Which could, of course, be based upon their senses and perceptions in turn. In “ modern” times Copernicus was the first to make detailed observations and come to the conclusion that the Earth was not…
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