The Illusion of Reality !
What is reality ? Is anything ‘real’ ?

Is all an illusion ? Many people are talking about it …. .. are THEY real, BTW 😉

Featuring Fred Allen Wolf, at TED, here is a Video to ponder on…..

Fred Alan Wolf (born December 3, 1934) is an American theoretical physicist specializing in quantum physics and the relationship between physics and consciousness. He is a former physics professor at San Diego State University, and has helped to popularize science on the Discovery Channel. He is the author of a number of physics-themed books including Taking the Quantum Leap (1981), The Dreaming Universe (1994), Mind into Matter (2000), and Time Loops and Space Twists (2011) .

Fred raises pretty weird and interesting propositions. What is time ? What is God ? How God created this Universe ? Time slows down or is faster depending upon the speed of the object ! And at speed of light there is no time and space. And what if someone travels faster than light ?

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