the Creation of Kara
The Creation of Kara

Kara is a PS3 game first introduced by Quantic Dream for Sony Ps3 platform in 2012. The theme is of a ‘female’ android that ‘becomes self conscious’. At the time its developer Quantic Dream released a short film following a character called Kara – a female android brought to life on an assembly line, and as her body is put together piece by piece she’s asked to speak in English, German and French and sing in Japanese. After expressing emotion she’s marked as defective and being to be disassembled, but before being permanently shut down she begs for her life- and is released ‘into the world’!

It is said ‘Whatever the Mind can dream of, it can achieve’…. so I am sure day is not far when we will actually see these things .. if not in our lifetime then certainly the next ones ! Will the people then gasp in amazement and disbelief like we do right now when we see a video like this or just take them as normal . What happens after Kara has been created ? Take it one step further, what if Kara itself is created by Robots ?

Kara by Quantic Dreams
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